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56th Annual Au Sable Forks Men's Fast Pitch Softball Tournament

2015 Results

2015 Results
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Friday, July 11

Au Sable Spirits     1
Forestport              0
WP   Jason Smith
LP    Tom Haver
CPI                      1
Au Sable              0
WP Joran McDonald
LP  Mark Power
Saturday Results
Bedford Rays                   4
Bellechasse White Sox    0
WP Duane Weiler
LP  Mario LaValle
HR Rich Sauder
NY Peligro Gremlins        6
Oshawa Rebels                1
WP  Mitch Hardy
LP   Steve McNaughton
HR Kyle Ezekeil   Blair Ezekeil   Jovan Hanley
North East Drillers           4
Au Sable                          0
WP Kyle Crawford
LP  Mark Power
Donnacona                      3
Forrestport                       0
WP Francis LeClair
LP  Justin Hayman
HR Joran Graham
Au Sable Spirits              9
Oshawa Rebels               6
WP Trevor Lahey
LP Steve McNaughton
HR Steve Ashbridge
CPI                                 11
Bellechasse                     1
WP Frank Cox
LP Mario LaValle
HR Edvardo Leonardo
Bedford Rays                 6
Au Sable                         5
WP Merlin High
LP Ryan Evens
HR Mark Power Greg Houtz
CPI                                0
North East Drillers         0
tie extra innings
NY Peligro Gremlins      4
Donnacona Blue Sox     3
WP Ryan French
LP Patrice Leclerc
HR Blair Ezekiel
Bellechasse White Sox   6
Au Sable                          3
WP Steve Begin
LP Mark Power
HR Anthony Bouchard
NY Peligro Gremlins        3
Forestport                        0
WP Ryan French
LP Tom Haver
Au Sable Spirits               1
Donnacona                      0
WP Andrew Bombard
LP Marc Andre Villeneuve
Forestport                        8
Oshawa Rebels               7
WP Justin Hayman
LPMatt Davis
HR Layne OHalloran Matt Davis
North East Drillers           2
Bedford Rays                  1
WP Sisko Sabute
LP Duane Weiler
NY Peligro Gremlins       7
Au Sable Spirits              2
WP Brooks Robinson
LP Trevor Layhee
HR Jovaan Hanley
North East Drillers          9
Bellechasse                    1
WP Kyle Crawford
LP Alex Lemieux
HR Alex Lemieux Gonzalo Ojeda
Donnacona                     10
Oshawa                            6
WP Francis LeClair
LP  Matt Davis
HR Charles Ruel Patrice LeClerc
CPI                                  1
Bedford Rays                  0
WP Frank Cox
LP  Duane Weiler
Semi Final Game 1
CPI                                 5
NY Peligro Gremlins      3
WP Frank Cox
LP Mitch Hardy
HR Jovaan Hanley Dustin Zehr Tom Darling
Semi Final Game 2
North East Drillers          7
Au Sable Spirits             0
WP Sisko Sabate
LP Andrew Bombard
HR Jeff Nowaczyk Gonzalo Ojeda 2
Final Game
CPI                                6
North East Drillers         5
WP Frank Cox
LP Sisko Sabate
HR Edvardo Leonardo Jeff Nowaczyk


copyright Au Sable Fast Pitch Tournament Committee