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56th Annual Au Sable Forks Men's Fast Pitch Softball Tournament

Most Valuable Pitchers

2015 Results
2015 Dedication
2017 Awards
Tournament Committee
Rules and Regulations
Video Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes Photos
Most Valuable Players
Most Valuable Pitchers
Past Winners & Runners Up
Tie Breaker Rules

Most Valuable Pitcher Since 1971

2017- Jonas Mach CPI

2016-Andrew Kirkpatrick NY Gremlins

2015- Frank Cox/ CPI

2014- Lola Garcia NY Swashbucklers

2013-Juan Potolicchio/Knoxville
2012 Neil Cooke Carp I4C Victory
2011-Francis LeClair/Donnacona Blue Sox
2010-Francis LeClair/Donnacona Blue Sox
2009- Wayne Wells/Waterdown Hammer
2008- Greg Garrity/Razzano's Trucking               
 2007-Shaun Winship/Cutro Professional Inspections

2006-Greg Garrity/Razzano's Trucking

2005-Greg Garrity/Razzano’s Trucking

2004– Steve Price/Heflin’s Builders

2003-Greg Garrity/NY Spirit

2002-Lefty Clark/Knoxville

2001-Craig Hollingsworth

2000-Rained Out

1999-Derrick Coleman/Spirit

1998-Craig Gibinson/Razzano’s

1997-Ron Greenham/Gordon’s/Parrow’s

1996-Rob Scott/S. Trenton

1995-Mark Sequin/Computer Sense

1994-Brent Bradley/S. Trenton

1993-Chris Wilson/S. Trenton

1992-Chris Wilson/Miller’s

1991-Greg McLaren/S. Trenton

1990-Chris Breese/Cardinal RedSox

1989-Jeff Coon/Razzano’s

1988-Mike Branchaud/LaFramboise

1987-Jim Morrell/Williamsburg

1986-Jeff Coons/Recs Specs

1985-Brian Diseinger/S. Trenton

1984-Jim Morrell/Johnstown

1983-Dave Dixie/Johnstown

1982-Murray Hyndman/Johnstown

1981-Ray Hurley/Fern Lake

1980-Fred Goneau/Hotel Benny

1979-Ted Hoy/Cardinal Pats

1978-Ted Hoy/Cardinal Pats

1977-Jim Smith/Berard’s

1976-Rained Out

1975-Butch Gilbert/Mechanicville

1974-Butch Gilbert/Mechanicville

1973-Peter Onstein/Frank’s Grill

1972-Jim Smith/Berard’s

1971-Ray Hurley/Northern Homes

                      1963-1970 No Awards

Au Sable Forks Softball Fast Pitch Tournament Committee
Adam Coolidge, Director of Teams