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56th Annual Au Sable Forks Men's Fast Pitch Softball Tournament

Tie Breaker Rules
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Tie Breaker Rules



Final standings in the qualifying round shall be established using the following criteria:

1.     Won/Lost records… 2 points for win 1 point for tie

2.     Head to Head – winner of game between the tied teams-if 3 teams are tied, a team would have had to beat the other 2 teams to advance. The remaining teams go to the next tiebreaker with no reverting back.

3.  Difference PLUS OR MINUS of total runs scored, with a limit of 7 PLUS or Minus per game allowed.

4.  The least (fewest) amount of runs scored against.

5.  The total runs scored in all games, with a maxium of 10 runs scored per game will be used.

6.  Positions will be settled by a coin toss.